30 August 2010


All you need to get your proper foot measurement at home is:

* a piece of paper larger than your foot
* a pencil
* tape
* and a ruler or measuring tape.

Tape the paper down to the floor.

Sit with your foot firmly on the floor, and your leg bent slightly forward so that your shin is slightly in front of your ankle.

Trace the outline of your foot and remember to measure your foot without shoes, but with socks similar to the ones you'll be wearing with the shoes you are buying.

Hold the pencil or pen upright and perpendicular to the paper. Do not hold it at an angle.

Make sure the pencil is resting snugly against your foot as you draw around it.

You may actually find it helpful to have someone else trace your foot, but as you can see in this image, it can be done alone

Use your pencil to draw straight lines touching the outermost points at the top, bottom, and both sides of the outline

Use your ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the bottom line to the top line that you drew in step three.

Be sure to hold the measuring tape straight, and find the closest mark that you can (for inches, use the closest 16th mark) - don't round up or down dramatically.

Many people will need a narrow or wide shoe. This step will help you to determine the width of your foot.

Measure the width of your foot by using your measuring tape or ruler to measure from the line on one side of your tracing, to the line on the other side.

Again, be certain to find the closest mark that you can (for inches, use the closest 16th mark).

Write this number down.

Repeat these steps for your other foot, and use the larger of the two.

After you have your numbers written down, you'll want to subtract 3/16 of an inch from the numbers. This is to accomodate for the slight space between your actual foot and the line made by the pencil.

These final numbers are your actual foot measurements, you can convert them to the appropriate size and width using the links below.

>> International Men's Shoe Sizes Conversion Chart <<


Gua curik artikel tu kat >> sini <<, gua try nak translate ke bahasa melayu tapi mcm celaka diapunya result, gua tau lu org paham punya, hari hari dgr lagu omputeh ye tak.

Gua harap lepas ni tak dgr lagi cerita sedih beli kasut raya saiz terkecik.SEKIAN.

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NEOFISHY said...

jadah...ni wa ikut resam lu ah, "beli jek, pedulik jek, janji dapat barang"...hah ni la nasib wa....jadah!

tora corgan said...

haahahahaaa siapa suh ikut ckp gua